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Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated to Baosteel Metal)

Established on December 28, 2007, Baosteel Metal is a whollyowned subsidiary of China Baowu Group with a registered capital of RMB 4.05 billion. The main business of Baosteel Metal includes industrial gas, metal packaging, metal products, automobile trade, etc.

The industrial gas business: Mainly works on gas-related products,including compressed gas and liquid gas; Wholesale of flammable gases, non-flammable gases ; To engage in import and export of goods and technologies; Sales of mechanical equipment, general chemicals,food additives, and environmental protection equipment; Technology development, technology transfer, technology consultation, and technology services in gas technology fields; General contracting of environmental pollution control project; Design for environmental protection equipment; Leasing of mechanical equipment; Cleaning service. In 2015, Baosteel Gas implemented project investment and business improvement mainly in 5 parts of air separation, hydrogen gas, syngas, clean energy, and packaging gases. It developed company's business by such 3 models of project investment as creating, acquiring, and acquiring + creating.

The metal packaging business: Products include metal twopiece cans and matching snap lids, and metal decorating products.Two-piece cans products own the customers of Coca-Cola, Pepsi,Budweiser Beer, Tsingtao Beer, Snow Beer, Yanjing Beer, and other famous beverage brands at home and abroad, and it cooperates with customers such as Coca-Cola, Budweiser, ORG Packaging; Metal decorating products are widely used by the famous beverage brands at home and abroad like Red Bull, Want Want, and LuLu, famous domestic food brands such as Merlin and Gulong, and well-known domestic chemical brands like Sinopec.

The metal product business: It mainly engages in deep processing business of steel products and alloy materials and primary or secondary processing of material such as wire rod, strip, and ingot bar. The products mainly include wire rod products, shaped steel products, compound metal products, etc. Downstream customers concentrate in the auto, architecture, machinery, electrical appliances,new energy, bridges, etc. Wire rod products include cold-heading steel wire, spring steel wire, galvanized steel wire, steel strand wire,cutting wire, and steel cord which are widely used in auto, machinery,architecture, household appliances, new energy, and other fields.Section bars include ordinary shaped steel products, high strength shaped steel products, and high frequency welded H-shaped profile steel which are mainly used in passenger car, machinery, architecture,elevators, and other industries.

The automobile trade and service business: Baosteel AutomobileTrade and Service has many 4 s shops, a second-hand car company,as well as the Rental Department belonging to the company's headquarter, Self-provided Car Service Center, Insurance Claims Settlement Center in Shanghai, Shanghai Motor Vehicle Registration Station, etc. It is franchised to sell FAW Audi, FAW Volkswagen,Shanghai Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, and other well-known brands at home and abroad. As a competitive car service provider, it provides customers with a whole process service of car purchasing,insurance, maintenance, accident claim settlement, vehicles leasing,used car disposition, thus it is a considerate service provider for customers.

In 2015, Baosteel Metal realized an operating revenue of RMB 10.143 billion with a profit of RMB 300 million.

Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated to Baosteel Metal)
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