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Baosteel Resources Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated to Baosteel Resources)

Established on July 21, 2006, Baosteel Resources Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group Corporation. It mainly deals with investment, trade, and logistics services of mineral resources, and makes efforts to build service platform of resources investment, trade and comprehensive logistics for iron and steel and other fields.

On December 21, 2010, Baosteel Resources (International) Co.,Ltd. was established in Hong Kong positioned as the oversea industry headquarters. In 2012, Baosteel Resources Singapore Pte. Ltd. was formally established. So far Baosteel Resources has formed an initial network in global resource areas such as Australia, Africa, America,and Southeast Asia.

On March 6, 2015, Baosteel Group made Baosteel Resources (International) Co., Ltd. its industry headquarters. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group, it operates under “same leadership, two brands” with Baosteel Resources Limited.

Baosteel Resources focuses on global distribution of mineral resources. It commits itself to providing clients with high quality products and value-added services, as well as achieving leapfrog development and international win-win cooperation of ore, coal,alloy, nonferrous metals, metal recycling resources, shipping logistics,etc.

In the process of moving towards its strategic goal, Baosteel Resources continuously makes innovations in management model,constantly promotes the development of "dual engines" in investment cooperation and trade operation, further develops shipping business space, and improves international management capabilities.

Baosteel Resources has always persisted in common development together with shareholders, clients, suppliers, staff,and the society It keeps improving the management and operation functions of exploration, design, selection, processing, transportation,trade, and investment, and strives to build a more mature industrial structure; It consistently improves its core competitiveness and makes effort to become a world-class comprehensive supplier of mineral resources.

In 2015, Baosteel Resources achieved an operating revenue of RMB 29.4 billion.

Baosteel Resources Co., Ltd. (Abbreviated to Baosteel Resources)
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