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[ 2016-07-20 ]

Recently, information came from the Sate council SASAC: central enterprisespilotreform is being implemented in an all-around way, Shenhua Group, Baosteel, WISCO, China Minmetals, China Merchants Group, CCCC, China Poly Group Corporation and other seven enterprises carry out the pilot of the state-ownedcapital investment corporate.

It is understood that it isthe first time to disclose the reformpilot enterprises list sinceSASAC announced Ten Reform Pilots inthis yearFebruary. The pilot will bean important starting point to promote the reform document implementation all over the country.

In this yearMarch, Baosteel introduced "Baosteel Group deepening reform implementation opinions", to actively and steadilyboost all work ofdeepening Baosteelreform in an systematical and orderly manner. According to "Implementationopinions", by 2018, the Group company has preliminarily obtained thestate-owned capital investment operating company core competencies.

Source:Baowu News Centre