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Baosteel Co., Ltd. Launched Raw Water System Safety Water Supply Revamping,Could Effectively Relieve Water Supply Pressure of Chenhang Reservoir during Salt Tide Period [ 2016-11-04 ]

Recently, Baosteel formally launched raw water system safety water supply revamping project. The revamping this time was the first large-scale revamping since 2001, after revamping, Baosteel Reservoir could extend time of continuous water supply for Chenhang Reservoir during winter withered water period, effectively relieve water supply pressure of raw water of Chenhang Reservoir during salt tide period, and provide strong safeguard for civil drinking water quality in northeastern part of Shanghai.

The Chenhang Reservoir, closely adjacent to Baosteel Reservoir, with a total reservoir capacity of approximately 9.5 million cubic meter, undertakes tasks of supplying raw water for part of water plants in the region of northeastern part of Shanghai and benefits people of around 3 million. In 2004, Baosteel Reservoir started to supply water to Chenhang Reservoir with average annual water supply of approximately 5 million cubic meter.

In recent years, influenced by small reservoir capacity and large outside water supply quantity, Chenhang Reservoir had insufficient regulation and storage capacity, and the great impact by sea water encroachment during winter withered water period could easily cause serious exceeding standards of chloride ion density, and civil drinking water quality could hardly be ensured. Under the precondition of ensuring safety water use of Baosteel, capacity expansion and revamping of Baosteel Reservoir could significantly enhance capacity of water supply for Chenhang Reservoir.

It had been over thirty years since the building up and putting into use of Baosteel Reservoir. Baosteel reservoir mainly provides industrial and civil use water for the plant area. In 2001, one time of heightening and strengthening project was implemented for Baosteel Reservoir, the highest storage level was 7.2 meter, and the current total reservoir capacity was approximately 12 million cubic meter. Meanwhile, with the issuance and implementation of new round seawall plan of Shanghai, standards of flood prevention fortification of Baosteel Reservoir remained to be further upgraded. To solve the above-mentioned problems, Baosteel Co., Ltd. organized and  implemented the raw water system safety water supply revamping project.

Source:Baowu News Centre