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[ 2017-06-27 ]

On June 21, more than 80 members of the study tour organized by Hong Kong Plastic Machinery Association, Hong Kong Foundry Industry Association, Hong Kong Electro-Plating Merchants Association, Hong Kong Mold and Product Technology Association, Guangdong Mold Industry Association, Paper Communication Exhibition Services to Shaogang to visit and investigate. The guests gave praise for advanced technical equipment, high-quality steel products, clean and beautiful environment.

At the symposium, the guests watched Shaogang propaganda film. In recent year, Shaogang carried out comprehensive transformation for technical equipment, worked hard to promote product transformation and upgrading, Shaogang is entering a new period of developmen, dedicating to build the most competitive steel product and service supplier in South China, becoming high-end rod wire manufacturing base of Baowu Group. Shaogang and Shaoguan integration development, it will fully support construction of advanced equipment industrial park in South China, provide energy media, road transportation and other supports.

Deputy mayor Wan Zhuopei of Shaoguan city expressed, Shaoguan city will work with Shaogang, to build whole industry chain industry park with special steel material, it will make great advantage of advanced equipment industrial park for South China in aspect of human power, electric power, logistics, raw material, etc. Welcome Hong Kong and all social circles to here for investment and development.

Members of the study tour conducted communication for supporting facility construction of industrial park, talents, cost, industry convergence and other problems.

Source:Baowu News Centre