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[ 2017-07-11 ]

A few days ago, Beijing Chengshou Temple B5 land parcel directional settlement building project which is designed by Baosteel Construction of Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group was successfully roofed, this is also the first fabricated steel structure residence project in Beijing.

In 2014, Baosteel Construction and Beijing Jianyi cooperated and developed "Chengshou Temple demonstration project", the two companies comply with the housing industrialization trend, use advanced BIM (building information model) technology, firstly explored and did pilot project on the module building project of Chengshou Temple demonstration project——module building of Lize business district for the industrialization of the house based on steel structure, so as to realize building integration from information management, integrated design, prefabricated construction to decoration, laid a solid foundation for later construction of Chengshou Temple residence project.

Prefabricated construction is the development direction of China's construction industry. In recent years, Baosteel Construction continues to improve Baohouse technical system, vigorously develops the steel structure housing system product and technology development, as well as the industrialization study, conducts the research of fabricated steel structure building technology in respect of construction technology, construction system, product integration and industrialization, etc., has get multiterm of achievements: actively participated in preparation of more than 10 items of national, industrial and local standards and regulations, such as "Technical specification for fabricated steel structure building", "Stainless steel formed plate for construction", "Regulation of fabricated residence technology" and "Standard of steel structure residence technology", etc., improved industrial speaking right and influence. In 2016, the company completed application of 5 invention patents and 2 utility model patents, obtained authorization of 8 utility model patents.

In the past two years, with completion and under-construction of the first batch of projects, such as Xucang Konggang project, Sinkiang new silk road project, security housing project of Lanzhou new district, Fuxin shantytowns reconstruction project and Xizang aided reconstruction project, etc., recognition degree and industrial influence of the technology system of Baosteel Construction is obviously improved. Thereof, the representative project of the third generation of technology system of Baohouse——"Chengshou Temple demonstration project" obtained high evaluation from Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and industry experts.

Source:Baowu News Centre