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[ 2017-07-19 ]

Recently, ultrahigh strength structural steel BS1100E hot rolled plate which is independently developed by Baoshan Iron & Steel successfully passed user authentication, its excellent processability and service performance are demonstrated in loading trial of the big tonnage crane jib. It marks that BS1100E ultrahigh strength steel of Baoshan Iron & Steel successfully realizes substitute for imported goods, and laid a firm foundation for engineering machinery industry of China to realize comprehensive localization of the high precision equipment.

As low carbon and low alloy structural steel, BS series of high - strength steel has good welding performance and cold forming property, and can be widely used in engineering machinery, vehicle structure, container and such manufacturing industry. Since systematical research and development of BS series of high-strength steel in 2000, Baosteel has successively developed BS600MC, BS700MC and such grades, stable performance and excellent plate flatness are quickly recognized by the market, the market share is expanded, Baosteel becomes the leader of domestic high-strength structural steel production enterprises. Thereof, BS800QC is the initiation in China, up to now, only Baosteel has the ability for stable batch manufacturing.

1100MPa ultrahigh strength hot rolled plate which is used in super tonnage crane jib mainly relies on import now, users have strict requirement on performance and quality of the product. In 2015, Baosteel started to work on BS1100E ultrahigh strength structural steel research and development, after more than one year of research and development, the research has been successfully developed, Baosteel becomes one of the only a few enterprises with the ability to produce 1100MPa ultrahigh strength steel. At the end of last year, Production, Marketing and Research Group of Hot Rolling stepped forward and recommend BS1100E altrahigh strength structural steel to users, and customized a comprehensive solution for the user from material selection to design, from welding and bending processing to service evaluation. BS1100E showed the physical properties comparable to imported products on trial and got acceptance from the user who turns to Baosteel for orders. Thus far, BS1100E ultrahigh strength structural steel realizes achievement transformation from R&D to market.

Source:Baowu News Centre