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[ 2017-08-03 ]

Recently, Fortune SG Fund Management Co., Ltd., as one of the first 10 companies,successfully entered into the fund wealth platform of Eastmoney. In the future, Fortune SG Fund Management Co., Ltd., will create dual wheel driving operation mode by means of ‘we-media + self-operation’ with the help of the platform, building up its own brand, which will further meet customer demands by providing personalized and customized product mix to bring better products services and consumption experience for customers.

Fortune SG Fund Management has been established for 14 years, having been developed into a comprehensive asset management company to provide domestic public offering fund products, overseas investment fund products and special account financial services for customers.

This settlement into the new revision of Easymoney "fund wealth" platform, different from the traditional "fund supermarket" online consignment model, will be able to make full use of the platform unique big data algorithm system, to build the company high quality we media content products and achieve intelligentized distribution of contents products for different people, more accurate to reach customers, achieving sustained customer service and transformation.

Source:Baowu News Centre