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[ 2017-10-20 ]

A few days ago, Baosteel Special Steel has passed LNG marine Ni36LNG plate and strip certification from France GTT Company. It has become the second qualified supplier which can supply thin film LNG marine Ni36LNG in the world at present, and broke the situation that the high-end core key material was exclusively monopolized by abroad for a long time.

LNG ship is internationally recognized high technology, high difficulty, high value-added “three-high” product. It is a special ship which transport liquefied petroleum at low temperature of minus 163 degrees Celsius and a kind of “super cooled car at sea”, which is described as "crown jewel" of the world's shipbuilding. There is only 13 shipyards in a few countries in the world can build it at present. As the core material of LNG ship---Ni36LNG, at present, there is only one foreign enterprise can produce it in the world.

In April of 2008, the first loading capacity of 147000 m3 of LNG ship which made in China undocked successfully, it marked that Chinese shipyard was rapidly rising in the field of LNG ship building. But as the core material of LNG ship---Ni36LNG still all depended on import.

Four years ago, MIIT《Application research for the key technology of liquefied natural gas marine Ni36LNG and insulation box plywood》scientific research project which took the lead by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. officially launched, Baosteel Special Steel undertook the development work for liquefied natural gas ship core material Ni36LNG. During this time, Special Steel Technology Center as well as Welding and Corrosion Institude of Baosteel Central Research Institute, Baosteel Special Steel Steel Making Plant, Baosteel Hot Rolling Plant, Baosteel Special Steel Cold Rolling Plant and other departments make every effort to overcome difficulties, break the foreign technological barriers, successfully accomplish the industrialization trial-manufacture of this alloy and make stable physical properties, well strength as well as toughness at ultralow temperature(-196℃)come true. After the fundamental characteristics meeting the requirements, Baosteel Special Steel actively contact with France GTT Company which own thin film ship building technical patent to carry out the certification work. After two strict certification work, plant certification and LNG actual ship simulation verification were done successfully.

A few days ago, France GTT Company sent someone to make a special trip to award certificates for Baosteel Special Steel at the scene. China Classification Society also awarded LNG marine Ni36LNG certificate for Baosteel Special Steel at the scene. At this time, Baosteel Special Steel not only realizes LNG marine Ni36LNG localization, but also becomes the second qualified supplier which can supply thin film LNG marine Ni36LNG in the world.

France GTT Company is an engineering company which concentrates on the research of liquefied natural gas storage and transportation technology at low temperature. France GTT Company owns many kinds of patented technology of thin film LNG liquid cargo cabin, all the material which applied to the thin film LNG ship needs to get France GTT Company’s certification and license.

In the thin film LNG ship maintenance system, Ni36LNG is widely adopted as its thin film material and it has excellent low-temperature property, but it also has very high technology difficulties.


Source:Baowu News Centre