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[ 2017-11-27 ]

On November 17, National Commendation Conference of Spiritual Civilization Construction was held in Beijing, Baosteel Ltd. received the title of National Civilized Unit, which is the fifth time for Baosteel Ltd. to receive the title of National Civilized Unit in a row.

As a state-owned enterprise and central enterprise always leading in the industry and emphasizing the social responsibility, Baosteel Ltd. pays much attention to the construction of spiritual civilization and corporate culture, and takes it as the important carrier and measure to improve the overall quality of the staff, build the soft power of the enterprise, and promote the enhancement of corporate core competitiveness.

Baosteel Ltd. commits itself to contributing to the development of national economy and improvement of people’s life with premium steel products, as well as to the construction of spiritual civilization, guiding and educating the employees to actively and consciously practice social morality, professional ethics, family virtue and personal morality. In the practice of work, Baosteel Ltd. forms the working carrier and system with corporate culture construction as the main line, and supported by ideological and moral education, employee behavior cultivation, leading by typical people, democratic management of employee, urban steel mill construction and participation in social benefits, etc., fostering the environment and atmosphere of striving for first class, being aspiring, healthy and harmonious.

There shall be new atmosphere and new deed in the new era. Baosteel Ltd. will stay true to the mission, keep our mission in mind, cherish the honor, study the spirits of the 19th CPC national congress and Xijinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, actively practice the new development concept of “innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing”, with “creation changes life” as the mission, stick to the construction of both material civilization and spiritual civilization. On one hand, efforts shall be put on the construction of 5 major core competitiveness of “cost revolution, technological leadership, service going first, intelligent manufacturing and urban steel mill”, to build “world class enterprise with global competitiveness”; on the other hand, socialist ideological and ethical progress shall be promoted energetically, to keep improving the employee’s ideological awareness, moral level and Civilization accomplishment, and realize the common development of employees and enterprises.

National Civilized Unit is the highest comprehensive honorary title for national civilization construction, referring to those units who actively practice the core value system of socialism, stick to the construction of both material civilization and spiritual civilization, enjoys the overall coordinated development of various business, achieves outstanding performance in spiritual civilization and plays a demonstrative and leading role in the community.


Source:Baowu News Centre