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[ 2018-02-09 ]

On afternoon of February 1st, Ouyeel Co., Ltd. held the 3rd of first session employee representative conference, pinpointed work mentality of “innovation, focus, synergy and realization”, and fixed objectives of strengthening building of ecosphere and creating performance work with value flow. Conference called for all employees of Ouyeel to make positive contributions for realizing “one thousand, one hundred, ten” objective, meanwhile further expand outside market, strengthen brand promotion, practice intensively inner power in endeavoring and fighting for becoming an internet innovation type profit-making corporation.

In 2017, various items of management performances of Ouyeel sustained rapid growth, kept its industry leading position, social impacts were remarkably enhanced; effects were remarkable on strategic measures of online flow expansion, offline infrastructure building, supply chain serving product innovation, flow value realization etc.. Meanwhile, through equity open and employee stock ownership, Ouyeel had realized mixed ownership reform, and carried out key breakthrough on institution and mechanism innovation.

In 2018, Ouyeel would focus on performing well on key work of ten aspects: focus on realizable mature products of steel supply chain to realize rapid enhancement of realizable flow; strengthen innovation of supply chain service products, push forward the landing and increase of products of future and spot market linkage etc. to promote technical and product in-depth integration; push forward building of supply chain value-adding service capacity of purchasing of industrial goods, transaction of circulation materials, and cross-border transactions etc. to provide supply chain comprehensive solution schemes; strenuously carry forward e-commerce platform linkage, help, and docking work, strengthen enabling cooperation of ecosphere, and enhance IT development and marketing service capacity; strengthen risk management, roughly establish multi-dimension, data-intensive supply chain credit system with risk management at core; optimize and upgrade comprehensive platform, strengthen input-output examination and boost platform integration; push forward capital operation at various levels to boost equity cooperation with ecosphere partners; optimize operational mechanism and organization structure, realize resource allocation of high efficiency to enhance operation efficiency; strengthen reciprocity among responsibilities, power and interests, enhance human resource efficiency, and realize value-adding of human capital; stick to leadership of the Party, strengthen building of the Party, and fully display core functions of party organizations in corporate governance, direction control, and management of overall situation.

Ouyeel raised requirements: firstly, a bundle of team members. Ouyeel is to build a leadership team of unity, capability, passion and bravery to assume responsibilities. Secondly, to lead. Ouyeel is to develop itself into a company with unique culture of humanity to let employees increase cohesion and gather strength to develop with the enterprise. Thirdly, to establish mechanism. Ouyeel is to ceaselessly optimize and improve management mechanism, to realize consistent objectives of various parties, and virtuous development. Fourthly, to create modes and guard against risks. Ouyeel is to strengthen compliance management, continuously optimize business modes, and enhance internet risk management capacity. Fifthly, to build platform. Ouyeel is to strengthen platform and system building to create a platform for users to create values, and an arena for employees to realize self-value.

Source:Baowu News Centre