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[ 2018-03-06 ]

On March 1st and 2nd, Baosteel Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Study and Training Committee, Human Resource Department and Baowu Talent Development Institute organized over forty chief engineers and researchers to carry out study and training centering around problems of key, hot and difficulty points in production and management of Baosteel Co., Ltd. in “cost reduction with technologies, intelligent manufacture, city steel plant, one company with several bases” etc..

Last year, under the support of Baosteel Co., Ltd. Human Resource Department and Baowu Talent Development Institute, Baosteel Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Study and Training Committee built learning and communication platforms for chief engineers, organized and carried out featured Forum for All onintelligent manufacture, city steel plant, product quality, service for users etc., and organized chief engineers to communicate face to face with peer colleagues, and international renowned specialists, and received praise and welcome from chief engineers.

During study and training, chief engineers brought their brand new thoughts and measures. Chief engineers attending meeting also carried out in-depth communication centering around production and management key points of Baosteel Co., Ltd. and better displaying benefits of chief engineers and raised numerous constructive suggestions. They expressed that production and management tasks of Baosteel Co., Ltd. this year were extremely heavy and tough, and as chief engineers, they should never forget and stay true to missions, be brave to shoulder responsibilities, be courageous to innovate to display due effects in Baosteel Co., Ltd. sustaining its industrial leading role.

The Study and Training Committee concluded that it would continue building fine atmosphere by organizing chief engineers to conduct vast information and technology communication; strengthen technology continuity to realize passing-on and sharing of knowledge and technologies; display multidisciplinary and cross-unit advantages of the Study and Training Committee to provide professional consultation and technical support for production sites and management departments; establish multiple-base interactive manners to carry out professional technical communication and mentoring work and bring out special effectiveness of Study and Training Committee for culture integration.

Source:Baowu News Centre