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[ 2018-03-06 ]

Last year, Group Corporation, in line with the annual key work task and operation goal, organized work contests of the main themes covering deepening reform, integration & merging, smart manufacturing, environmental management, losses reduction & profits increase, costs decrease & benefits increase and others. All staff actively took part in, strove for better performance on basis of their work posts, and made great contributions in developing China Baowu a leader in global steel industry and world class conglomerate. 12.401 billion Yuan was gained as yearly costs reduction and benefits increase in last year, which is 136.7% of the annual target.

Group Corporation adopted project management concept of all-staff-participation style in a bid to achieve the contest goal. All the subsidiary companies acted energetically to design contest programs, strengthen follow-up and assessment of the contest process, actively advanced contest implementation at each and every level. Besides, efforts were made in setting up display platform to create an atmosphere of learning and catching up each other among staff. Last year witnessed totally 5058 work contest projects, in which there were 391 of subsidiary company level, 2830 of levels of business unit and workshop, 1837 of work zone and team. All the staff vigorously took part in the work contest and contributed many new ideas and approaches for enterprise’s operation. In 2017, 15660 pieces of proposal were made, 10130 pieces thereof were carried out, leading to notable economic benefit of 2.086 billion yuan. 7177 JK teams were set up with 6129 results gained. And there formed 2312 economic and technological innovation teams of staff and 22700 employees got involved in innovation activities; There were totally 2446 patent filings for work post innovation, among which more than half of patents for invention, 2024 of technological secrets and 445 of advanced operation methods.

Five specific contests, namely Cost Decrease and Benefit Increase Benchmarking Contest, Integration, Merging and Innovation Contest, Work Efficiency Enhancement Contest, Staff’s Working Environmental Improvement Contest, Smart Manufacture Contest were carried out at Group Corporation’s level with concentration being placed on the crucial and challenging issues in production and operation. In implementing Cost Decrease and Benefit Increase Benchmarking Contest, all the business units, keeping in mind of the guideline of all-costs-cutting-possible, set up definitely target of cost decrease and benefit increase, benchmarking indexes and key projects in accordance with their production and operation practices, and advanced their implementation steadily at each level. As result, 136.7% of the annual target was achieved. The main theme of Integration, Merging and Innovation Contest is focused on speeding up the promotion of the integration of key businesses in steel products manufacture sector and the specialized integration of diversified businesses. Four major businesses centers of Group Corporation worked proactively to design competition projects respectively in accordance with the main theme and to fulfill them with feasible plans, targets and measures, resulting in notable contest outcome. Work Efficiency Enhancement Contest, with theme of controlling labor input and improving value creation, was carried out to set the laid off ratio of on-post staff not less than 8%, a symbol target, in accordance to classified situations. 11 Contestant units executed thoroughly this work, helped Group Corporation to make its yearly HR optimization of on-post staff better than the annual goal. To begin with improving staff’s working environment, the Staff’s Working Environmental Improvement Contest harvested actual effect by educating staff to develop good professional behavior. Smart Manufacture Contest, aiming to foster smart plant, promoted energetically to put advanced manufacturing technology, automatic technology, artificial intelligence technology into practice. Since last year, the units at primary level have collected a batch of work-posts and processes which are in conformity with 3D principles as being dangerous, dusty and duplicate, organized smart manufacture contest accordingly. After being evaluated by the special contest work group with Group Corporation, these primary level units confirmed classes and completion date for Smart Manufacture Contest, in which 25 projects will be completed in 2017 and 15 in 2018.

Source:Baowu News Centre