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[ 2018-03-27 ]
Recently, Baosteel Co., Ltd. held 2018 annual technology innovation work conference. Meeting concluded in an all-round way work of technology innovation in 2017, formulated main tasks of 2018. Meeting required that the foremost dynamic effects of innovation leading development must be fully displayed, opportunities of the new round world science and technology revolution and industrial transformation shall be firmly seized, strategy of innovation driving development shall be implemented in an in-depth manner to strive for building global technology leading steel enterprise with stronger and more enduring innovation strength gathered from full innovation passion. General manager and deputy Party secretary of China Baowu Steel Group Cooperation Chen Derong attended the meeting and made a speech. On the meeting, Baosteel Co., Ltd. concluded in an all around way work of technology innovation of 2017, analyzed currently existing problems and focusing points needing high attention of the company and conducted mediation for future work of technology innovation. Meanwhile, it raised work mentality and objectives of 2018, and clarified ten items of key work, i.e.: further improve technology innovation system building, fully enhance technology innovation capacity for multiple bases; seek breakthrough in revolutionary technologies, and support enhancement of five key capabilities; strengthen key product differentiated innovation with market as guidance; deepen cost reduction with technologies to enhance low-cost manufacture capacity, and strongly support cost revolution of the company; drive manufacture upgrade through technology innovation to substantially push forward green manufacture and intelligent manufacture; strengthen intellectual property rights management to push forward overall arrangement of patents in core technology area; display effectiveness of synergy and sharing to realize rapid copy of technologies and knowledge sharing and application among bases; strenuously implement open innovation to build mass-research platform facing autonomous innovation; innovate mechanism to further stimulate innovation vitality of technology teams; accelerate new material R&D and support strategic implementation in China Baowu. Meeting commended prizes of science and technology results received from the government and industries by Baosteel Co., Ltd. in 2017 and advanced individuals and teams awarded 2017 annual Baosteel Co., Ltd. “science and technology stars”, “science and technology new stars”, and “advanced teams of science and technology”. Baosteel Co., Ltd. emphasized that the importance of technology innovation should be fully understood to voluntarily shoulder responsibilities and mission of strengthening Chinese steel enterprises; the urgency of technology innovation should be fully understood to precisely master development status quo and future development direction of the steel industry; the challenges of technology innovation should be fully understood to strive for occupying commanding points of steel new technologies with strategy as guidance, products as faucets, and technologies as traction; systematic features of technology innovation should be fully understood to ceaselessly strengthen R&D input, strenuously implement open innovation, and further improve incentive mechanism, highly value fostering of science and technology talents to enhance system and capacity building in an all around way. Chen Derong emphasized that Baosteel Co., Ltd. should take Xi Jinping’s Thoughts of New Era Socialism with Chinese Characteristics as guidance to practice on the road of innovation driving development and shoulder weight of responsibilities of technology innovation leadership; should stick to green quality products and intelligent manufacture to create new glory of steel technology innovation; should integrate existing R&D resource system of Baosteel Co., Ltd. to speed up development of new material modules; innovate systems and coordinate development to build new environment for technology innovation. He hoped Baosteel Co., Ltd. to firmly establish ambition and courage of daring to be the first on the road of technology innovation in future to assault fortified positions and overcome difficulties with perseverance in pursuit of excellence to ceaselessly create science and technology results which would lead industrial development and make greater contributions in innovative development of the group company and technological advance of the industry.
Source:Baowu News Centre