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[ 2018-03-27 ]

Recently, Baosteel Egnineering Suzhou Dafang used the SPMT module car to realize intelligent transportation. It took only one hour to successfully remove Shanghai S26 highwaycity entering section Beizhai overpass ground segment. This is also thequick removal project of the maximumsingleweight bridge in the world.

The S26 highway city entering section (G15 Highway - Jiamin Elevated Road) project main line elevatedroad startsfrom S26 highway in the west to the southeast to cross the Huaxu Highway to Beiqing Road towards the east. The section of the bridge is 67.5 meters long and 18 meters wide. It is characterized by being overweight, oversized, and over-oblique, weighing of 3,050 tons.

In order to newly build upS26 highway city entering section elevated road in orderto connect the Beizhai elevated roadwithS26 highwaycity enteringsection elevated road, it is necessary to quickly dismantle the three-span bridge of Beizhai elevated road ground segmentunder the premise of ensuring the smooth traffic in the urban areas.

As the dismantling area is located in the sub-center of the city, it faces many difficulties: First, the time required to remove the beam is short. In order to ensure the surrounding traffic, it is necessary to complete the beam removal within one week; secondly,the demolition of the bridge is a “four-super” challenge, which meansoverweight, oversized, over oblique, and ultra-staticconcrete curved box girder,providingextremely high requirements for structural safety, equipment safety, process safety, traffic safety, and environmental safety. Thirdly, technical and organizational management is difficult.

Faced with a series of problems such as tight schedules and heavy tasks, Suzhou Dafang proposed the construction requirements and principles of safety, speedy, efficiency, environmental protection, green, and low traffic impact. It adopts the SPMT module car forintelligently transportationand implement the bridge quick removal project of the world's largest single weight

It is theself-propelled modular car (SPMT) independently developed by Suzhou Dafang that picks up this giant. It can select different modules according to the actual operating conditions, and can be combined into transport vehicleswith various tonnage and forms, using its jacking systemto raise the load and transfer it to any designated place without the need for a crane or any other lifting equipment. This time useseveral4-axis modular vehicles and 6-axis module cars,and assembling to 132 axis four module cars, controlled by a single person to complete the shipment

During the bridge removal process, the SPMT module car experienced oblique motion, straightmotion, climbing, and downhill processes, and the total displacement distance was 35 meters. The actual weight of the moved beam was as high as 3,050 tons. The construction was free of high-noise removal and high-concentration dust pollution. The features of green, low-carbon, environmental protection, and energy saving ensured that the traffic in the urban area was fast and smooth during construction, and realized “teleport”.

Source:Baowu News Centre