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[ 2018-03-27 ]

Recently, the e-commerce alliance of the central enterprise has officially released the e-commerce collaborative development index and report of the central enterprise, the top ten innovation cases of e-commerce in the central enterprise was selected by the report, and the Ouyeel was selecte

Ouyeel is a user-centered company, the company actively promotes the innovation and implementation of the supply chain service products, among which the professional steel technical service product "Ouyeel Materials" is used for 1.8 million person-times in 2017, the service of SaaS steel trade industry purchase-sale-stock management software "Cloud Housekeeper" was realized and opened 1190, the Bao Ying Tong system has reached to 1880 cooperation warehouses; the innovative product such as order transaction and win-win product designed for realizing the expansion of order channel and other functions was realized from planning to landing. Besides, Ouyeel also used network broadcast and other innovative means to actively carry out the steel industry information and advisory services; vigorously promoted the federal docking between steel mill end and e-commerce platform, preliminary results were achieved and 123 docking points were realized; deepened the construction of channels such as warehouse, construction and industrial, and promoted cooperation between small and medium-sized traders.

The report pointed out that a batch of central enterprise e-commerce enterprises such as Ouyeel, etc combined industry practice and main industry advantages, actively explored on the aspect of product, business and model innovation, it provided reference for the development of e-commerce business of other central enterprises.

Source:Baowu News Centre