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[ 2018-03-27 ]

Lately, Baosight Software released the 2017 Annual Report, the Company’s operation revenue reached 4.776 billion yuan and profit totaled 503 million yuan, respectively 20.59% and 22.28 % growth year-on-year. Since listed, the Company has maintained continuous growth of yearly total profit for 17 consecutive years.

Since over 30 years of development, Baosight Software has become China’s leading supplier of application solution and service in industrial software field, making contributions in promoting deep integration of IT and industrialization, supporting China’s manufacturing businesses in pursuing transformation of development model, improving intelligent level of city and other aspects. Company’s products and services have been provided to a number of sectors including iron & steel, transportation, medicine,mining, non-ferrous, chemical industry, equipment manufacture, financing, public service, water conservancy, water affairs and so on.

Last year, centering on national strategies of “intenet +” ,“ Made in China 2025” etc., Baosight  Software committed to pushing ahead integrated development of new-G IT and manufacturing technology, led intensified integration of China’s industrialization and informatization, and promoted manufacturing enterprises moving toward intelligent manufacture from informatization & automation. Meanwhile, the Company also intensified its efforts continuously to develop smart-city related sectors, obtained competitive strength in fields of intelligent transportation, smart building, public service and others to strive for pushing ahead smart city innovation. Responding to trend of IT and technology development, with adoption of innovative business model, the Company is able to provide various of products and services relating to cloud computation, internet data center, big data, unmanned, industrial robot, internet of things.

2017 marks the year that Baosight fully implemented new round development plan (2016-2021). Faced with changing and complicated internal and external environment like macro economy entering new normal, and supply-side structural reform advancing continuously, Baosight Software regarded the plan as guideline, took multiple measures and responded actively, upheld the operation notion of technology leading, market expanding and model innovation, in bid to reinforce and improve existing business and enhance operation efficiency and productibility while pursuing stable development. Besides, through stepping up the planning and resources input to strategic and emerging business, new core competitiveness of the Company was fostered that ensured the stable growth of operation performance. In the report time, the Company’s position in the industry and brand image was further reinforced and improved. It ranked No. 20th on the list of 100 top companies with comprehensive competitiveness of 2017 China software and IT service, was granted by China Software Industry Association as one of 10 Innovative Software Enterprises, and selected in the recommended list of the first batch of Intelligent Manufacturing System Solution Suppliers by MIIT. IRail comprehensive monitoring software platform was the first to pass SIL2( safety integrity level2) certification, and the certificate of class-A large enterprise of information system integration and service of the Company was re-examined and passed. 

This year, Baosight Software will energetically push forward strategic transformation by following the strategic plan and responding to the latest situation. It will fully implement annual operation goal, classify in detail work tasks,define clearly goals and responsibility, pursue stable growth and improvement of business, enhance service level and ensure prudent operation in quality. The company will continue to advance in all respects China Baowu’s information-based integration, progressively enlarge the IT system coverage, ensuring synergetic support to business; further investigate approaches to push forward the business development of central area by taking Wuhan as its base, besides carrying out business in the locality where Baosight is located. It will increase resources inputs in the field of smart manufacturing sector, strive to foster whole intelligent solution for the full process of metallurgical plant; taking building intelligent metallurgical plant as breakthrough, make some achievements in working out intelligent solution, and thereupon radiating to other industries and sectors. At expanding businesses of IDC, smart equipment manufacturing and smart city building, the Company will make major efforts to advance IDC projects and improve management system continuously by keeping up closely with the increased market demand; at the same time, speed up product development relating to the field of intelligent equipment and enrich the business contents of smart city sector.In an effort to pursue innovative model of business operation and product development, the Company will, strengthen capacity building by centering on software service, achieve product development with concentrated efforts and resources input, and strive for a breakthrough in promoting product standardization through exploring the model of platform-based R&D and products sale.While sticking to give equal weight to internal and external development strategy and sourcing practice, the Company will focus on core business, strengthen external sourcing, look for projects which have synergistic effect with existing core businesses, take active and prudent measures of merger, acquisition, joint venture and others to realize the core business growth and improve the assets operation benefits.

Source:Baowu News Centre