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[ 2018-03-27 ]

Recently, the new type ultra-low emission industrial furnace developed by Baosteel Engineering completed the performance test successfully, the NOx index reached and surpassed the expected project target. The low NOx burner product and the high temperature, high efficiency and ultra-low NOx radiant tube combustion control technology mastering all the core technologies will be conducive to propelling China Baowu to build a urban type steel mill.

The combustion temperature of medium and high grade silicon steel heat treatment furnace is high, the generation of NOx during combustion will increase by geometric exponent compared to the normal heat treatment line, so the control difficulty is high.

If the emission can not reach the standard, it will directly affect whether the line can be put into operation normally. The team from Engineering Technology Business Unit of Baosteel Engineering who undertakes the general contracting of Zhanjiang Steel 1550 silicon steel line feels the pressure greatly. The technical brainstorming of the core part of heat treatment furnace that has more critical impact on emission ——new type burner is of great importance. Zhanjiang Steel 1550 silicon steel has two lines, the burners of No.1 line was tailor designed by Baosteel Engineering, and supplied after customization through testing; while that of No.2 line was tailor-made and supplied by a foreign famous burner supplier.

After more than one years’ efforts by the project team, there came the final performance test recently. Under the condition of completely different burner structure type and control system, the NOx index control of the two lines completed and commissioned by Baosteel Engineering reached and surpassed the expected project target comprehensively, which elevates the technological leading and promotion role of China Baowu’s urbanized steel mills.

Source:Baowu News Centre