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[ 2018-03-09 ]

Recently, Baosteel Co.,Ltd received a commendatory letter from Material Procurement Management Department of CNPC Tarim Oilfield Co.,Ltd, where it expressed its appreciation to the synergetic efforts made by Baosteel to take the urgent need of Tarim oilfield as its own, to actively ensure timely and prompt delivery of tubular goods to Tarim oilfield, and to provide warm support to the capacity expansion of Tarim Oilfield, demonstrating Baosteel’s caring for oil industry and acting as responsible SOE.

Since last winter, affected by factors like national policy on environmental protection and limited supply of natural gas and others, China’s major oilfields represented by CNPC Tarim Oilfield saw  significantly increased demand for oil casing tube. Tarim oilfield put forward higher requirement on its upstream tubular manufacturing firms, that is to provide more high-end oil casing tubes with high strength and tenacity in shorter time.

Faced with such sharply cumulated pressure of ensuring tubular goods supply to drilling well in oilfield, Baosteel Co., Ltd as long term strategic partner of CNPC, made strong move in coordinated work and effectively ensured the smooth completion of well drilling work at oilfield. In order to secure the supply for oilfield, Tube, Pipe & Bar Business Unit, Baosteel trading company and other units involved have set up united team and worked out a series of action plans. During the period, in spite of difficulties like heavy order task, Tube, Pipe & Bar Business Unit paid close attention to customer’s needs, implemented breakpoint management, made focused efforts to promote material flow balance in related production area, optimize continuously production schedule, and ensure timely delivery of contract. In addition, the parties involved of production, procurement and sales of Baosteel Co.,Ltd worked cooperatively to make sure each and every step from contract allocation, material charging, rolling, pipe processing to ex-work permission and transportation to be under strict control of responsible party and to be absolutely faultless. Moreover, Yantai Lubao Co, that is affiliated to Tube, Pipe & Bar Business Unit worked hard to select proper transportation means in face of severe weather and logistic services shortage ahead of Chinese new year, timely delivered 550 t urgently needed air-tight casing tube to the oilfield, winning high praise from customer.

Source:Baowu News Centre