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[ 2018-04-10 ]

The results of the first micro course contest named "Alliance Cup" of central enterprise was announced recently. China Baowu won the prize for the best organization, "Knowing and Doing of Baosteel People" won the first prize, "Study on Discipline and Work Ethic by Gang Xiaobao—Three Stage of Bribery Turn into Fanaticism" won the second prize, "The Top Ten Ban on Safe Production of Wuhan Iron and Steel", "Standardized Operation of Lifting Safety" won the third prize respectively, "Ameba Management" won the best innovation award.

To accelerate the network training platform construction in the implementation of "National Cadre Eduction Training Program in 2013-2017", gradually realize the overall requirements of online learning platform connectivity for the national cadres, promote the popularization of the network training of each member unit and the construction of micro course, promote innovation in the training mode of member units and improve the capacity of independent training for enterprises, Chines enterprise senior manager training and development alliance held the first(2017) "Alliance Cup" micro course contest for central enterprise.

"Enterprise Party Building", "Safe Production", "General Professional Accomplishment", "Enterprise Spirit (industry knowledge, enterprise culture, etc.)" are selected as the topic for this year's micro course contest. Since its launch in August 2017, there have been a total of 30 units of 1046 micro-courses competed in the contest, a total of 100 micro-courses were selected into the top 100.

College of management of Baowu and party school of Baowu organized all units of China Baowu to participate actively, in the early stage, there were 183 multimedia training resources, finally, there are 22 items submitted to the "Alliance Cup" of central enterprises for the micro course contest, among them, 6 items of clean government, 5 items of state-owned spirit, 5 items of enterprise culture and 6 items of safety production.??

Source:Baowu News Centre