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[ 2018-04-10 ]

On the meeting of 2017 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards held recently, Hong Hua, a power plant expert from Baosteel, and Miao Weiliang, a blast furnace technology expert from Baosteel, won the third prize for Shanghai's scientific and technological progress. This time, China Baowu was also awarded for three cooperative projects. The“Key Technologies for Soil Pollution Control and Remediation in Urban Redevelopment Sites and Their Applications”jointly developed by Baowu Environment and Science Institute and Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences won the first prize for scientific and technological progress. Baosight Software cooperated with Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd., etc. on the "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Safe Assurance of Urban Rail Transit under accidental operation" won the second prize for scientific and technological progress. The "Optimization Technology and Application of Economic Operation and Load Dispatch for Large-scale Thermal Power Units" jointly awarded by Baosteel Co., Ltd. and Shanghai University of Electric Power won the third prize for scientific and technological progress.

The project of "digitalized precision detection and alignment technology research and application of power plant power generation control equipment" led by Hong Hua address the deficiencies in the site and the deficiencies of existing technologies. Through a number of technological innovations, it has achieved accurate control of equipment and filled the blanking of plant equipment. accurate control, with formation of 13 patents, 23 technical secrets for the stable operation of the power plant and provide a strong guarantee for safety and environmental protection.

The project on the comprehensive maintenance technology and application of blast furnace hearth long life service responsible by Miao Weiliang, deals with life service-related issues such as hearth air gaps, blast furnace shell deformation, and failure of the inspection system, starting with construction, production preparation, production and maintenance, etc. developing a whole set of key technologies to improve the service life of blast furnace hearths, such as air gap control technology, gas leakage treatment technology, and failure couple recovery technology, and formed 5 patents and 4 technical secrets. This project is now applied to Baosteel No. 4 blast furnace at Baoshan branch base, receiving good results.

Source:Baowu News Centre