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[ 2018-04-20 ]

Recently, “the Founding Assembly of China Superalloy Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance and the First General Assembly” was held in Beijing, Baosteel Special Steel attended the founding assembly and was elected vice chairman unit. More than 60 domestic raw and auxiliary material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, research institutions, production enterprises, application units,  colleges and universities, and investment companies of superalloy attended the meeting.

In the meeting, Baosteel Special Steel and other units reviewed their development courses of superalloy from the perspective of superalloy equipment technology development, and introduced the current R&D progress and the contributions made to support China’s national defense industry and national economic construction.

“China Superalloy Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance” is sponsored by more than 30 enterprises engaged in superalloy R&D, production and application in China. Its tenet is: to unite the superalloy R&D institutions, producers, colleges and universities and users to construct effective combination and synergetic mechanism in strategic level, and drive the synergy and innovation of superalloy industry chain; aiming at cementing the combination of R&D with industry, enhancing the product quality and increase the output of superalloy, breaking major technical brainstorming, major new product development and industrial technology innovation, to cooperate in solving the general and cutting-edge technical problems in superalloy varieties and production, and support the general enhancement of superalloy industrial technology level; devoting itself to promoting the resources consolidation and sharing within the industry and across the industries, to drive the industrial self-discipline, industrial model and management mechanism innovation; build and perfect the standard and intellectual property system, build the public service platform for information exchange, technical cooperation and market application; strengthen the communication with governmental departments and private capitals, perfect China’s superalloy industry chain and promote the high quality development of China’s superalloy industry.

Source:Baowu News Centre