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[ 2018-04-08 ]

Lately, the result of 2017 SOE Talent Training Honorary System Awards was unveiled.

China Baowu’s Special Training Program for Improving Quality and Efficiency (or Reducing Loss and Increasing Profit )” was awarded the excellent management training program, “China Baowu’s Party Branch Secretary Training ” was awarded the excellent party building training program, Xu yong, Tao Yunwu with Baowu Management Institute won the title of excellent training manager, “Thinking and Practice of Baosteel’s Intelligent Manufacture” by Cong Liqun, and “ Promote Amoeba Model and Grasp the Essence of Operation” by Jia Yanlin won the title of famous teacher and lecture of SOE, “ Baowu Series Trainings on Integration and Combination” won characteristic practice award.

To answer the call from the report of 19th National Congress to turn Chinese enterprises into world-class, globally competitive firms, and give full play of the leading role of talent cultivation work in SOE’s reform and development, China’s Association for Executives Development (CAED) launched the campaign of candidate programs collection, appraising and selection for 2017 SOE Talents Cultivation Honorary System Awards in late Nov, 2017, with a view to advancing the building of SOE talents training system through sharing and extending the advanced practice and unique experience. This time CAED carried out candidate program collection, appraisal and selection for the awards of 2017 talents cultivation of the member units from 6 aspects of, namely, yearly advanced enterprises’ college, excellent party-building training program, excellent management training program, excellent training manager, SOE’s famous teachers and lecture, and characteristic practice.

Source:Baowu News Centre