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[ 2018-04-26 ]

Recently, Hwabao Fund officially launched “ Hwabao Fund Wealth” on Alipay and Ant's Wealth platforms that are both subordinated to Ant Financial Services Group. This sector, as a premium fund shop set up by Hwabao Fund on Alipay, aims to provide quality products and featured services for platform customers through Alipay’s large flow and the advantages of cutting-edge technology.

The ant "Wealth" program is the most important project of Ant Techfin Services’s. With its strong technical advantage, the project supports fund companies to foster exclusive brand service areas directly accessible to customers. It also works as one of the important platforms for the financial institutions to obtain customers and provide services by relying on the imported flow of Alipay’s basic 700 million customers.

Hwabao Fund Wealth has now officially landed on Alipay and launched the "Best Funds in Shop”, "Dialogue with Masters" and "Chatting with Substantial", "Growing Stories of Investment Beginner" and other characteristics sections at the first period. It will, by means of main products, hot spots of financial management, Q & A interaction, investment education output and so on, solve all the wealth management problems arising in the whole investment life cycle of the customers.

Source:Baowu News Centre