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[ 2018-05-01 ]

In the afternoon of April 27, China Baowu held the May 1 Model Worker Exchaneg Meeting with the theme of “Mission·Responsibility·Undertaking”, to celebrate the festival of labourer and greet the employees working in each field of China Baowu and contributing to the construction, reform and development of the enterprise by carrying forward the spirit of model worker and exhibiting the best practice. President and deputy Party secretary of China Baowu Chen Derong attended the meeting.

Honor and flower belong to the glorious labourer. The meeting commended the emerging model workers and the winners of “May 1” prize, Chen Derong and other leaders conferred the prizes on the advanced collectives and individuals winning the honorary titles. In the year past, the employees of China Baowu actively carried forward the spirit of master, worked hard in the market and on site, and made active contribution for China Baowu to maintain the best performance, during which, a lot of advanced personnel emerged, who made outstanding contributions in various work of enterprise reform & development, consolidation innovation, safe production, intelligent manufacturing, environmental management, reducing losses and increasing profits, etc. Before May 1, China Baowu has totally 34 collectives and individuals awarded the honorary titles of national and provincial model workers and May 1 Prize. Among which: 2 employees awarded National May 1 labor Medal, 1 collective awarded National Worker Vanguard; 6 employees awarded provincial model workers, 6 collectives awarded provincial May 1 labor certificate of merit, 7 employees awarded provincial May 1 labor medal, 12 collectives awarded provincial Worker Vanguard (refer to page 4 today for detailed name list). The video shown on site “Craftsmanship” presented the elegant demeanor of China Baowu’s model workers and advanced personnel.

In the meeting, the new National May 1 Labor Medal winner Jin Guoping delivered a speech on behalf of the model workers. He shared his career from an ordinary worker on site to technology innovation expert and the specialist that can solve actual problems on site, Jin Guoping summarized his career as that believing honest labor can realize one’s value, “mastering new technologies, being good at learning, and more importantly good at innovation”,and the favorable innovation atmosphere of the enterprise is the fertile soil for becoming a talent on one’s post. He said, he will carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmanship, continue to contribute his wisdom and strength, and make more contributions to China Baowu’s intelligent manufacturing.

Source:Baowu News Centre