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[ 2018-05-08 ]

New technician association of Baosteel Co., Ltd. was established recently. This was an item of key measure by Baosteel Co., Ltd. in response to General Secretary Xi Jinping's call for building of knowledgeable, technically versatile and innovative labor force, and highlighting spirits of model workers and artisans. With seventeen branches set up under the association, it covered four bases of Baosteel Co., Ltd., would become gathering place of technical talents under the multi-base manufacture mode of Baosteel Co., Ltd., and provide talent support for key works of further pushing forward intelligent manufacture, etc. in Baosteel Co., Ltd..

According to actual conditions of multi-base management framework and technical talent team of Baosteel Co., Ltd., to further implement corporate technical talent team-building plan and display effectiveness of technicians and senior technicians in activities of site basic management, apprenticeship, technique inheritance and innovation at posts, etc., Baosteel Co., Ltd. Human Resource Department coordinated with Talent Development Institute and Technician Association of the group company etc. in carrying out works of establishing “Baosteel Co., Ltd. Technician Association”.

The new technician association adopted “association+branches” mode, i.e. three branches in bases of Dongshan, Qingshan, Meishan and fourteen branches in plants and departments of Baoshan base were set up under Baosteel Co., Ltd. technician association to form an organization of the masses with normality and professionalism, managed in a comprehensive way and supported by Baosteel Co., Ltd. Human Resource Department, which would generate positive driving forces for Baosteel Co., Ltd. in strengthening technical talent team-building, optimizing basic management at basic levels, and deepening technical talent fostering. The new technician association clearly pointed out it would endeavor to become pioneering force in team-building for industrial workers in the new era through successfully fulfilling its missions; it would endeavor to become forerunner in promoting corporate development and talent fostering not only with its achievements; it would endeavor to become practitioner of artisan spirits and innovation at posts in living up to common expectations; it would work at further discovering talents, fostering talents, delivering techniques, improving innovations, and fully display proactiveness, initiatives and innovation spirits of vast technical talents, and make due contributions for corporate realizing integration, fusion, innovative development, and better displaying effectiveness of main driving force of industrial worker teams. 

Source:Baowu News Centre