Baowu News

[ 2018-05-14 ]

Recently, imart 360 formally entered Ouyeel Mall. This was another case of cooperation through entering into Ouyeel Mall with e-commerce platform of strength after JD, Suning, and EHSY.

Ouyeel Mall is a supermarket for industrial goods under Ouyeelbuy providing one-stop purchase service for general equipments, spare parts and components, maintenance for industrial goods, and labor protection supplies for works. Its business types are related to both intermediary and trade. In recent years, Ouyeel Mall was devoted to building qualified resource sharing ecosystem, and was consistently and actively seeking to carry out vast and in-depth cooperation with renowned brands in domestic and overseas China and with qualified social e-commerce platforms.    

Management scope of imart 360 includes millions of types of auxiliaries and consumables used by factories. Imart 360 has over 5,000 suppliers, and has sustained long-term cooperation with over 12,000 advanced customers in manufacturing industry.

Docking between platforms of Ouyeel Mall and imart 360 this time would bring more abundant resources of commercial goods for purchasing, further expand existing types of goods of Ouyeel Mall, and provide more purchase options for customers.

Source:Baowu News Centre