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[ 2018-05-08 ]

RecentlyShanghai's "model worker of the year" was announced in 2017. National modelworker, Shanghai craftsman, Baosteel special steel expert Yang Lei and other 10 modelworkershave made significant achievements and contributions in the job due to their extensive influence, they were awarded the glory titleof“Model workerof the Year”by Shanghai Model Workers Association in 2017. This is the third time that China Baowu employees won this honor after Wang Kangjian and Wang Jun.

In order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of modelworker, labor spirit, and craftsmanshipspirit, inspiring model workers always at the forefront of the times and the frontiers of reform to better demonstrate the role of leadingand make new greater contributionfor Shanghai as a vanguard of national reform and opening up as well asinnovation and development forerunners. Shanghai Model Workers Association continued to carry out the “Model Worker of the Year”recommendationselection campaign.

Yang Lei is the forging chief operating and technical expert in the forging fivision of Baosteel Special Steel Business Unit. He worked in the post of forging operation for 30 years, and he mastered a unique skill to set the tune with his eyes and ears . Over the years, Yang Lei has been making unremitting efforts to improve the production efficiency of free forging, relying on “Yang Lei Innovation Studio” together withteam members tookon the national military, nuclear, and aerospace missions. His original related tools and devices have shortened the cycle time of traditional free forging operations by more than 20%. The series of forging production techniques he and his team created have filled the domestic blank. Among them, the related technological achievements won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, the National Defense Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, and the AVIC Group Science and Technology AwardFirst Prize. Since 2004, he has summarized 15 patents (3 invention patents and 12 utility model patents) and 38 advanced operation methods, which have created a profit of approximately 86.46 million yuan for enterprises.

Facing the new honour of “model worker of the year”, Yang Lei said that “model worker of the year”is a recognition ofChina Baowu and Baowu people by society. He is only a representative among them. He is very honored and proud. The results belong to the team. The company's goodinnovation atmosphere and innovative mechanisms enable front-line employees to realize their own values and embark on the path to becoming talents on the job. With the development of science and technology and continuous advancement of technology, in the future, the special steel industry will face more opportunities and challenges. He and his team will live up to their expectations and stand at a new starting point, constantly creating new miracles.

Source:Baowu News Centre