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[ 2018-05-22 ]

From May 15th to May 16th, the 10th round of talks between the leaders of Sino-US industry and commerce and former senior officials sponsored by CCIEE and US National Chamber of Commerce was held in Beijing. The two sides had candid exchanges on Sino-US economic and trade relations. Zeng Peiyan, director of China International Economic Exchange Center, Thomas Donohue, chairman of US National Chamber of Commerce and about 30 representatives from business leaders of Sino-US, former senior government officials and experts and scholars attended the dialogue. Chen Derong, general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee of China Baowu attended the dialogue, and made a speech in group discussion.

The Chinese representative pointed out during the dialogue, Sino-US economic and trade relation are at an important historical moment, economic and trade relation is the "Ballast" of Sino-US relations, it will affect the stability and development of both economies even the world economy. The Chinese representative said that Sino-US relations are one of the most important bilateral relations in the world, both countries are the country that has a major impact on global development, we should jointly maintain the sound momentum of world economic recovery. We hope that entrepreneurs of two sides will play a more positive role in guiding public opinion and taking concrete actions to promote the sound development of Sino-US relations.

The US representative said that Sino-US economic and trade cooperation is highly complementary, high tariffs and other trade protectionism measures are not conductive to the development of Sino-US economic and trade relations. The two sides should adopt a positive and pragmatic attitude and properly solve the problems existing in the current Sino-US economic and trade relations. The US industrial and commercial circles will continue to devote themselves to promote trade and investment cooperation between two countries and promote steady and sound development of bilateral economic and trade relations.

Chen Derong responded to questions related to Sino-US steel trade when he attended the group discussion, and expressed his views on how to achieve win-win results in Sino-US economic and trade cooperation in the "One Belt And One Road".

Chen Derong believes that Sino-US steel trade is the result of the comparative advantage of two countries's industries, the inevitable result of the market economy and the embodiment of fair trade. Chinese steel industry continues to reduce overcapacity, China's total exports of iron and steel to the United State is not a threat to the US domestic steel industry. There are great opportunities for cooperation between China and the United States in China's "One Belt And One Road". Countries along the "One Belt And One Road" line are densely populated, per capita steel consumption is far from the average of the developed world, infrastructure is relatively backward, there is great demand for development. The investment capacity of the United States combined with China's capacity in infrastructure will be a good opportunity for cooperation. The dialogue between the leaders of Sino-US industry and commerce and the former Senior Officials condense the consensus, strengthen strategic mutual trust, promote the establishment of healthy, stable and sustainable relationship between China and the United States as the mission, set up communication platform between Sino-US leaders and former senior officials of and think-tank scholars, it is an important second track exchange mechanism between the two countries in field of economy and trade. Since the first round of dialogue was held in Beijing in March 2011, nine rounds of meetings have been held in Beijing and Washington respectively.

Source:Baowu News Centre