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[ 2018-05-25 ]

Recently 2018 Concours Lepine International Paris dropped the curtain, the 11 achievements of front-line employees’ post-based innovation brought by China Baowu Delegation have all received awards, among which, 4 achievements received silver prize and 7 received bronze prize.

Concours Lepine International Paris is a comprehensive invention exhibition hosted by Association of French Inventors and Manufacturers, and is the international exhibition with the longest history. This year, China Association of Inventions organized the delegation to participate in the exhibition, and invited China Baowu as the important unit to participate in the exhibition. In this session of Concours Lepine International Paris, 52 projects from Chinese delegation attended the exhibition, among which, the 11 innovation achievements selected by China Baowu lays stress on exhibiting the contributions made by front-line employees for efficiency improvement, cost reduction, energy conservation and emission reduction, green manufacturing, etc. During the exhibition, scientific and technological counselor of Chinese Embassy in France Sun Yuming personally visited the venue, learned about Baowu’s exhibition project one by one in details, and spoke highly of China Baowu’s participation in Concours Lepine International Paris with excellent invention projects from the field employees.

After fierce competition, “A kind of pneumatic feed type automatic powder charging machine and slag ”blower” by Yang Jianhua from Baosteel Ltd. Steel-making plant, “The technology of safe braking and automatic monitoring of continuous casting dummy bar” by Jin Guoping from Baosteel Ltd. Steel Tube, Pipe and Bar Business Unit, “Sharing automation application technology of protective materials for steel products” by Sun Guiguo from Baosteel Ltd. Baosteel International , ”Variable frequency drive online turning technology for big motor collector slip ring” by Ji Zhiyong from Baosteel Engineering Baosteel Technology received silver prize. 7 achievements including “Industrial communication dispatching system” by Li Xueqiang from WISCO Group Industrial Technology Company, “A kind of sewage hanging basket and gutter inlet” by Luo Fan from WISCO Group Green Urban Construction, “A type of wire rope anti-way-off automatic alarming device” by Zhang Ming from Baosteel Ltd. WISCO Ltd., “Control technology for essentialization safety and environmental protection of the belt system under the trough of blast furnace” by Ji Yilong from Baosteel Ltd. Meisteel Company, “Efficiency improvement technology for belt conveyor” by Chen Ke from Shaoguan Steel, “Ultra-high strength light weight fining design profile rolling materials” by Yan Peijie from Baosteel Metal, “A kind of rotary burden distributor for shipped bulk material” bu Qin Huan from Baowu Environmental Technology received bronze prizes.

Source:Baowu News Centre