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[ 2018-05-31 ]

Baoland has made remarkable progress in apartment building,housing rental, operation management, and intelligent construction among others by creating housing renting and apartment operation service system around the concept of “Apartment +”. So far, it has put into use of stock assets of 80,000 m2 and 2000 rooms.Among them, the commencement project, represented by the "Apartment of Friends", has won high appreciation with its orientation of “ providing not only the place of residence, but more about assisting people to embrace a better life" with a rental rate of more than 90%. This is the information that the correspondent obtained from the 1st anniversary celebration of “Apartment of Friends”.

As the core and wholly-owned subsidiary of the China Baosu real estate business, Baoland has followed the direction of "relying on advantage of the stock of the real estate resources of the group, improving the core competence as basic pursuit, abiding by the principle of marketization, carrying out internal extension and external exploitation, focusing on the apartment and the house renting, the business office, the industrial park and the supporting industry operation,i.e., 3+1 approach,” and actively implemented the operation of apartment construction and  housing renting.In July 2016, Baoland set up an apartment & dormitory business dept., respectively registered 4 brands of “ Youjian Apartment, Pusu, Youyu and Yijianban” in accordance with different levels of youth apartment, hotel-style apartment, dispersed apartment and enterprise dormitory.

Since April 2017 when the first store started its business, Apartment of Friends proactively created energetic and amicable residence service products targeted to the youth, providing comfortable private room, friendly shared space, and partner-style housekeeping services. In Apartment of Friends, there is sharing kitchen where the tenants who like cooking can make exhibition of his/her skill at any time, there is gym where the urban young people can do physical exercise to keep always healthy and energetic. Besides, there is public sharing space of tea bar, the terrace and others,for people having leisure and easy talk. The management team of Apartment of Friends also pays attention to creating a happy community atmosphere, actively launching activities of "Most Beautiful Tenant" selection, composition contest of "I am in Apartment of Friends", and so on, to encourage tenants to make their own place more comfortable and warm, and let more young people who are willing to talk and share their own experience, have place to say and get what they say heard.At the celebration site, Sun Jun, a tenant of Apartment of Friends,told correspondent that he had several poor renting experiences before he found a Apartment of Friends. He said, “living in this apartment provides me a lot of advantages, like convenient traffic, sufficient living facilities,wonderful public space, in one word it is price worthy apartment!”Wu Ke, a young girl from Hunan, won the first prize for "I am in Apartment of Friends" composition contest. She tells her own story of working hard in Shanghai alone, it is because the apartment, warm like home,that gives her the confidence and courage to pursue her dream.

After one year running, Apartment of Friends has become one of the first 15 Shanghai pilot units that are approved to pay rent by collectively withdrawing housing provident fund, as well as the housing service supplier to the employees of the companies like China Bank, etc. Apartment of Friends has also built up youth-catering platform providing service for innovation and business startup and established “Youth Innovation Center of Apartment of Friends”. In the future, Apartment of Friends will continue to put the stock resources of the group company to work, improve the development orientation of the assets value, make efforts to become the city space builder and service provider, and provide a warm harbor for those who venture to start business without permanent residence in Shanghai .

Source:Baowu News Centre