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[ 2018-06-08 ]

Recently, deputy director of MITSUI & Co., Ltd. Satoshi Tanaka led a delegation to visit Ouyeel, and carried out in-depth communications with Ouyeel. Both sides hoped they could display respective advantages and carry out cooperation in a more extensive way.  

MITSUI & Co., Ltd., established in 1876, currently became the largest general trading company of Japan. Meanwhile, MITSUI & Co., Ltd. was also one of the shareholders of Ouyeel.  

In communication activities, Ouyeel introduced development situation. Since its establishment, Ouyeel had displayed ecosphere resource synergy effects in a preliminary way under support of all shareholders, realized cooperation and win-win results, and would carry out further probe into various aspects of channel innovation, intelligent logistics, finance technologies, etc..

Ouyeel expressed, MITSUI & Co., Ltd. had rich experience in areas of trading of various kinds of bulk commodities, and Ouyeel had conducted fairly fruitful probe and practice on building up of  E-commerce platform for bulk commodities. In future, it hoped MITSUI & Co., Ltd. could carry out cooperation with Ouyeel in areas of larger quantity and broader extent, jointly empower product sales with advanced technologies, and further enhance efficiency.   

MITSUI & Co., Ltd. expressed, it would share its experience with Ouyeel in aspects of trading, risk control, financial service, overseas investment, etc. to fully display respective advantages, and push forward progress of internationalization in a sustained way.  

Delegation of MITSUI & Co., Ltd. also visited the site of the intelligent warehouse under pilot construction of Ouyeel, and highly praised management technologies of the internet and Internet of Things, and precise and high-efficient online and offline information transfer applied by Ouyeel logistic warehouse. 


Source:Baowu News Centre